Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Supercharge - Horizontal Refreshment LP 77

REPOST Request:  I think this is the only thing boardering on disco I have up here at the blog but this leans heavily towards experimental funk!

THOMAS DOLBY - MLP 83 w The Golden Age Of Wireless LP 83 w The Flat Earth LP 84 w Hot Sauce EP 88

REPOST Request:  She Blinded Me With Science hit song starts out this grouping but only half his stuff as three later albums look good too.
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MARTHA - Light Years From Love EP 83

REPOST Request:  One of the Martha's that was in the band Martha and the Muffins.

Karen Lawrence And The Pinz - Girl's Night Out LP 81

REPOST Request:  What do you know, I just mentioned that Karen's old band 1994 reminded me of the U.K. band the Cherry Bombz and this request came about her solo stuff that I had forgot about.

THE MODELS - Model LP 79 w Remodeling LP 82 w Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight EP 85

REPOST Request:  Thanks again to fervor coulee for sending me the first album to rip this week. Can identify as I modeled over 20 years from age 5 starting with the 'Booby Trap' commercial where I watched the pegs go up in the air and looked surprised...anybody GOT a copy for me??  Got paid $500 for that nationwide TV commercial so my mom sued 'em later for $5000 and won me more money for college.
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VA - Americas Dairyland 1983 tape

REPOST Request:  As promised a spankin' new rip!  Wisconsin's version of our Kitten Comp. below in MN.  The other two I have I may remaster in time if needed but 2 more on Version Sound out of Ohio- 1. Meathouse 1 and 2. Charred Remains both featuring top bands outside of OH plus local.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

VA - Kitten (Reflex tape comp 1983)

REPOST Request:  Well posting this today will remind me I have to re-rip the America's Dairyland compilation tape someone wanted me to repost.  Here is previous text:  Ah yes, the Kitten comp. tape!  A local classic featuring:  Proud Crass Fools, Propaganda, Exmo-6-Desmo, Todlachen, Rifle Sport, Radio For Teens, Ground Zero, Willful Neglect, Red Meat, Man Sized Action and the beloved Husker Du! Thanks to Count Yorga and Mark Underground for the original posting.

Taboo Vol. 2 - The Exotic Sounds Of Arthur Lyman LP

REPOST Request: A big one for parents in our Junior High School class when it came out as I remember some of the songs on it.  I don't think the other volumes in this series were quite as popular as this one.     

JOHN CONLEE - Rose Colored Glasses LP 78 w Forever LP 79 w Busted LP 80 w Blue Highway LP 84

REPOST Request:  Here's a old influential favorite of  Brian Guy's I found out later.
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THE CHERRY BOMBZ - st EP 86 w ...In The House Of Ecstasy EP 86 w Coming Down Slow LP 87

REPOST Request:  Features Andy McCoy (ex Hanoi Rocks), Dave Tregunna (ex Sham 69 and Lords Of the New Church, Terry Chines(ex The Clash and Generation X) and Anita Chellemah (ex Toto Coelo) and thanks Mark Underground for researching that for me way back when first posted.  They remind me of the USA equivalent band called 1994.  More would have known them I'm sure if their name was not the hottest Runaways song title.

Monday, August 21, 2017

PERSONAL EFFECTS - st EP 82 w Bring Out The Jazz EP 85 w Mana Fiesta LP 87

What a great art rock band with a dark side that I had never heard of before!  Well I have their other two albums on order so hang tight.
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PRAY TV - mr. spaceman EP 89 w Flux LP 91

Another pretty dang cool band from down unda!

the Booze Bros. revue - Rockin' Rhythm 'n' Booze LP 82

Some good times to be heard with this bar band.

VA - Trucker Comp's including: Roll On Big Mama LP 74 w Truckin' On LP 79 w All Ears 10 New And Original Songs With A CB Theme LP w Bluegrass Truckstop Vol 1 88

Since I had posted some earlier trucker compilations with the original artists singing the original songs, I kept with that theme and eliminated common classics that these cheap comp's had a studio band fill in where they couldn't afford to pay the big wig original writers.  Features following artists: Shirley and Squirrely, Randy Goodrum, Bob Gelotte, Ed Bernet, Johnny Hemphill, Mac Wiseman, Curtis Young, Oscar Ray, George Jones, Grandpa Jones, Claude Gray, Red Sovine, Joe Stampley, Jim and Jesse, Barbara Fairchild, Statler Brothers, Charlie Walker, Billy Walker, Charlie Rich, Carl Smith, Freddie Weller, Connie Smith, Jimmy Dean, Tommy Cash, C.W. McCall, Joe and Dale Maphis, Lester Flatt, Eddie Adcock, Stonemans, Jim Silvers, Badlands, Mac Wiseman, Osborne Brothers, Merle Travis, Heights Of Grass and Bluegrass Cardinals.
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Valley Of The Dolls LP 67 soundtrack

Interesting dollar bin score.

AL STEWART - The Early Years 2LP 77 w Past, Present And Future LP 74 w Modern Times LP 75 w Year Of The Cat LP 76 w Time Passages LP 78 w 24 Carrots LP 80 w Russians And Americans LP 84 w Last Days Of The Century LP 88 w Live Indian Summer 2LP 81

Had to collect this one after getting the two hit albums from one of my older brothers in high school, something about how he comes off as so debonair and biting that added to my punk attitude I think.
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Friday, August 18, 2017

THE ILLUSION - st LP 69 w Together (As A Way Of Life) LP 69 w If It's So LP 70

New Better Rips:  Please note the earlier post this week of this band had a buzzing noise.  Please replace previous downloads and for the bands: Isle of Man, Friction Groove, Ball and Pivot.  I will repost and remaster also Illusion band with the female singer soon as that had some noise.  This band is true to their name having some songs having an illusion effect part of psych rock like early Floyd.
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Groceries - EP 82 w Where Are You Now? CD 79-84

A big thanks to Slidewell who posted me the links this week under comments as I had never heard this band before and they are good.
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