Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jawbreaker - Demo 89 w Whack and Blite 7 89 w Demo 90 w Unfun LP 90 w Radio Session 90 w Rarities Revised Edition

REPOST and ADD ON:  Recently got to watch the Jawbreaker film at a recent music film festival and it featured Steve Albini saying up front this band is not to be confused with Jawbox who I remember was all over our 90's radio in the Midwest.

Jules And The Polar Bears - Got No Breeding LP 78 w fenetiks LP 79 w solo - 1983 - Watch Dog w 1980 - Bad For Business w The Eternal Return (1985) w Economy Package EP 80 w Demo-itis LP 86

REPOST Request:  For Monkeeboy!  Pal Shazar from Slow Children's spouse.
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Interview - Big Oceans LP 79 w st LP 80

REPOST Request:  Another bonified classic for angel!  And per Jim H's usual helpful comments, drummer Manny Elias was later in Tears for Fears, and is in a bunch of their videos.
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Iowa Beef Experience - Coolass Gravytrain LP 88

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The Melted Americans - Evil Monkey Bowl LP 89

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ELEKTRICS - Current Events LP 80 w State Of Shock LP 82

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BATTERED WIVES - st LP 78 w Cigarettes LP 80

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Monday, February 19, 2018


With the great name of Al Flipside on this record label I knew it would be a great punk band!

POPDEFECT - Live With This LP 88 w Punch Drunk LP 92

REPOST and ADD ON:  Kind of a pure rockin' punkish band by golly!!

hammerbox - st LP 91 w Numb LP 93

REPOST and ADD ON:  Great 90's female led band!


Very cool band with post punk sound.

Sweet Apple - st LP

Some cool countrified fun.

RAM JAM - st LP 77 w Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Lam LP 78

REPOST and ADD ON:  This is the FIRST band to cover Ledbelly's 'Black Betty' in aggro fashion.
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TALK TALK - The Colour Of Spring LP 86

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Someone had pulled this out as a classic by the band when I had posted all the stuff I got from other blogs so when I saw this one in the wild, I had to get it


Some later career tunes by this sixties band.

HOYT AXTON - Thunder'N Lightnin' LP 63 w Less Than The Song LP 73 w Life Machine LP 74

REPOST and ADD ON:  Just added the middle album.
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GRAHAM NASH - Songs For Beginners LP w Wild Tales LP 73

Didn't realize he was originally in the Hollies as well.